Should You Buy A Property in the CBD?

The Central Business District also known as the CBD, is located in the central region of Singapore and is the main financial and business hub. As the financial heart of Singapore, the CBD is home to prestigious local and international businesses.

With spectacular skylines, dazzling waterfront views, trendy bars and fine-dining restaurants, the CBD is a place where you will be spoiled for choice for dining and entertainment options.

Residential properties are also available in various pockets of the CBD area, such as Marina Bay and Tanjong Pagar.

Due to its commercial nature, the concentration of residential properties is lower. Great location with limited supply of properties and land, it is not a surprise to see a great demand in this area despite the astonishing home rental and purchase prices. With the conveniences of having offices, retail, and entertainment options at your doorstep, the CBD is a sought after area to live in.

CBD is bustling and lively on weekdays. In contrast, it is a ghost town on weeknights and weekends.

In order to stay competitive and vibrant, the government seeks to inject life and rejuvenate the city centre. The Master Plan seeks to introduce a broader mix of uses so that the CBD is not only a place to work and dominated by office developments, but also a vibrant place to live and play.

In the near future, older office developments will be converted into mixed-use projects. This will apply to major CBD areas along Anson Road, Cecil Street, Shenton Way, Robinson Road and some areas in Tanjong Pagar. 

If you are looking to invest in the CBD area, it is worth noting that there will be great growth opportunities in this area as the Greater Southern Waterfront (GSW) will be reshaped into a place to Live, Work & Play. Some 2,000 private homes are being planned for in Marina South with others upcoming in the downtown and Rochor area. More offices will be built in the GSW, which will bring in more jobs. People can live near where they work, significantly reducing commuting time.

Not only that, there are many possibilities for fun and recreation as Pulau Brani will be redeveloped together with Sentosa. New attractions will be built and Sentosa beach areas will be revitalised. The GSW will also be linked up with the surrounding areas connecting from West Coast Park to East Coast Park and also from Rail Corridor all the way down to Sentosa.

This will become a new green heart at the centre of Singapore. Singapore will become more of A City in the Garden.

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